Cartier Alligator Bag: Not practical

August 15, 2006

Cartier Alligator Bag

This bag is the most expensive bag I could find on Their price for this bag is $5,999.85, while it supposedly normally lists for $14,175. Let’s note the reasons this bag is not practical, all of which are listed on Amazon under Recommended Care (um, beside the price).

The following guidelines are recommended:

* Avoid the prolonged exposure of your handbag to light, heat, and humidity.

* Avoid overloading the bag, as it may stretch out of shape. After use, stuff the bag with tissue paper and store it.

* Do not use leather care products of any sort (including polish). If your bag is lightly scratched, pat it with a soft cotton cloth. In case of contact with water, dab the surface carefully with a natural-colored cloth.

Practical means durable, sturdy, easy to take care of, inexpensive. This bag fails at all of those. If you can afford this bag you can probably afford someone to hold it for you while you are driving around in your Rolls. The guidelines sound oddly similar to caring for a baby.


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