Naneu Pro u120 Camera Bag real world experience

August 29, 2006

Naneu Pro u120 camera bag Naneu Pro u120 camera bag open

CrunchGear has recently had a chance to wear, heft, open, close, threaten and caress the Naneu Pro u120 camera bag.

It holds camera gear plus a laptop. The secret is that the padded camera part is removable and fits into the main part of the backpack. So you get two backs in one!
from CrunchGear:

I recently added a Canon EOS-30D to the gear that I tote around daily. Since that acquisition, I’ve surveyed an inestimable quantity of bags in the pursuit of the perfect pack to fit my new camera and my powerbook. I’m pleased to inform you, dear reader, that today, my search has ended. The u120 backpack from Naneu Pro is by far the finest bag in its class.

and continues:

I’ve been battle testing the u120 in the streets of New Orleans for the past week. It’s received quite a few hard jolts and the contents have always remained snug and safe within.

Not bad (no, tis in fact good) for $129.99 and it comes in Blue/Black or Black/Black.

via [crunchgear] and [gizmodo]


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