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Booq Python XM bianco: the Ultimate laptop backpack

September 6, 2006

Booq Python XM biancoDon’t get lost inside this bag. They should add a warning: the inside of this bag is larger that it appears. Simply put, it is monstrous on the inside while looking professional on the outside.

This backpack is being offered in a limited number of 250, no word as to whether or not each bag is numbered. If you have the chance to get your hands on it (the website says it is still in stock!) don’t let go.

This backpack is perfect for the traveling freelancer. Let’s say you speak at conferences maybe once a week and only stay away one night at a time. This back is the bag you would take because you could fit everything you would need in one bag, which helps makes airport security a breeze. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a big backpack, which is also why they caution that it is not for everyone. In addition to your 17 inch laptop there is enough room for a change of clothes. From the product page:

You’ll have room for a stack of books 5″ high, a complete set of clothes with shoes, or large document folders and shipping envelopes, water bottles, camera, plus your complete set of typical laptop accessories like cables, mouse, power adapter and more. Python even has a secure iPod pocket completely lined with non-scratch fabrics, protected by two layers of zippers.

Booq also makes the Python XM in black but is not a limited edition. Both go for $189.95 but you better get the bianco while you can.