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Build your custom Timbuk2 Messenger bag

October 26, 2006

timbuk2 custom

Build your own custom bag on

You start building your custom bag by choosing the size and then the type of material. I choose the Ballistic Nylon. Then on to choosing colors, and finally I added the center divider for an additional $10. You can even choose the color of the Timbuk2 logo. But the logo doesn’t come in all the same colors as the panels and since I personally prefer a subtle logo that is the same color as the bag (a bit more classy in my opinion), I had to change the color of my panels to match an available logo color. Messenger Bags aren’t the only thing you can customize, check out
Pretty cool idea.

Pac Man Bag

October 25, 2006

christy quilts - pacman bag

I want this to come in a backpack. I love this. So classic. My parents never did get us an Atari as kids. We went down to the neighbors to play theirs and so I never got that good at Pac Man. I never was a fan of Ms. Pac Man. I was die hard for the original. $32.00 at (but it may be sold out).

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Custom Zugster messenger bag: 3 month wait

October 18, 2006

brian's bag

Starting at $95 you can have your very own custom messenger bag from Zugster. Each is handmade individually after the order is placed. Thus the 3 month wait, but from the pics on the website it looks like it is worth the wait.

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Laptop bag from cardboard

October 18, 2006

farm laptop bag

This laptop bag almost looks like a comfy folding chair for your Powerbook/Macbook. Made from old carpet and cardboard. I’m not sure it is in production I can’t find a price on their website [flash]. Designed by Giles Miller.

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Tumi Solar-Powered backpack: for a good cause

October 18, 2006


I’m going to pick one of these $695 solar powered backpacks up pretty soon, being limited edtion and all (only 500 being made), that is when I’m done saving for my children’s education. It has a little flap that opens up to reveal the solar panels. So if you are a geek who has escaped the confines of dorky style, you could hide those solar panels and nobody would even know you are a geek until you need to charge your PDA, then all your geekiness hangs out in the open, with no place to hide. It comes with a laptop sleeve but the specs say it will charge your PDA or cellphone, no mention of charging a laptop. This is a pretty nice backpack for your laptop and gear, and 100% of the proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders, so if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.

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product page [tumi]

Electric Pet Transporter by Meowme

October 17, 2006


This is the idea that we all thought of but did nothing about. I’m not saying this was my idea but someone should have thought of this a long time ago. Finally someone has a clever way to get the cat to the vet. Ingredients are things every pet lover probably already uses: and electric warmer and a pet bed that converts to a transporter. Make them one product and you get the Sleepypod by Meowme. Starting at $160, and the warmer is an extra $45. From Gizmodo:

The best way to trick em into going to without going all claws is probably to spoil him with this heated pet bed that doubles as a zipped up transporter. Electronically managed temperature sits at about 102 degrees…

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Ex-Boyfriend Messenger Bag: handpainted mixtape

October 5, 2006

ex-boyfriend messenger bag

This is my favorite Ex-Boyfriend messenger bag. It brings me back to my younger days of recording songs off the radio. This tape is handpainted and the bag is 13-1/2″X12″X5″ so you couldn’t fit your 17″ laptop but you could fit most anything else. This bag is $35 but they have bags with a handpainted Vespa $50, Panda $55 and others. I think my second favorite is the Breakdancer for $55.
[product page]

Thanks Oliver!

Laptop sleeve made from corduroy pants

October 3, 2006

sam's pant leg

Sam, with talents in blogging, sewing and design had an ephiphany with his pant leg and his laptop:

…somehow I discovered that my 12″ PowerBook, when inserted lengthwise, fits snugly in the cuff of a regular pair of corduroys. And with this newfound slice of knowledge, the obvious thing to do is to make a stylish, one-of-a-kind, laptop sleeve out of a pair of pants! Yes!

The end result is a laptop sleeve made from corduroy, and a cut-up hoodie.

Sam’s project via boingboing

North Face Base Camp Messenger

October 3, 2006

North Face Base Camp Messenger

This North Face Base Camp Messenger is a pretty nice bag. I like that it is made from PVC tarpaulin, comes in Large (1525 cubic inches) and Small (800 cubic inches) which is roughly half the size. I’m also a fan of the compression straps. These are very important when it comes to fitting this in the trunk of your car with the rest of your gear. It comes is several colors: red, yellow, blue, black. You can get your hands on the small for $69 and the large for $89.

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