LowePro’s 300AW sling camera bag

November 9, 2006

lowe pro slinglowe pro slinglowe pro sling

I’m not normally a fan of slings but LowePro has got it right. Due out in 2007, this bag is very well designed. And the best feature is that you can access the camera, while you are still wearing the bag, through the side opening. If you are wearing it on your back, there is a quickpull strap which loosens and you slide the bag to your side or front and pull out the camera. This cannot be done with two strap backpacks.  It seems like everytime I have a camera and it’s packed away so safetly on my back it becomes so much of a pain to stop, take off the backpack, pull out camera, and it makes the process just a little more frustruating. With this bag it’s pull out the camera while still walking, pause and take the picture. Done. So easy, and the camera is still very protected. $124.99

via [dslrphoto.com]


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