Skull and crossbones purse

December 8, 2006

Mini Hopper

This “Jolly Hopper” mini purse is very practical and fashionable. But the cool thing about this bag is that it says something. But it doesn’t say anything until someone is holding the bag. Yes of course other bags “speak” similarly but I want to make this case unique.

Let’s pretend a 30-something sophisticated woman walking out of tall expensive office building was carrying this bag. You might assume that she is not to be triffled with in the boardroom and wants people to know that. Or maybe she works in the HR department and enjoys her job of letting people go.

Very similarly, if you were to see an angry woman with perfectly manicured nails, tight hair and a permenant crusty look on her face holding this bag, you might think she carries a gun or knife in it.

If you saw someone on the university campus (WWU?) walking out of the art school carrying this bag, you may want to follow her to the tattoo shop she works.

If you were on trial for murder and someone in the jury was carrying this bag, you may not feel good about the upcoming verdict.

Made in Bellingham, WA. It has 3 interior pockets, one for your laser pointer, one for your mini .22 pistol and one for tattoo sketch book. Oh and any bag that has seatbelt webbing for straps is a friend of mine, this bag… is a friend of mine. Measures 7″x9″x4″.

$40 on
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