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CODEX cases for Apple computers – reviewed

July 30, 2007

Codex case

Gizmodo has an in depth and hands on review for the CODEX cases.

…it’s actually quite good if you need something to carry your machine—and only your machine—from place to place.

My opinion is that these types of cases are for the design snob. Who doesn’t really feel the hit when he buys his new MacBookPro, because he hasn’t ever needed to check the price, and probably told his driver to wait while he quickly picked up his new computer at the Apple store, or better yet, had his driver go get the computer for him so he could have the MacBookPro in his private jet on his way to his private island.

Built NY – Duffel

July 30, 2007

BuiltNY -Duffel
The largest bag by Built NY is their duffel. Put it all in this bag, a great recommendation when trying to follow the one bag rule.
$99.99 [product page]

I’ve also raved about Built NY laptop sleeves.

Stronghold Bag – Protects your documents

July 30, 2007

Paraben Stronghold Bag
The US is issuing “electronic passports”. Which basically means that they have an RFID chip embedded in them.

(An RFID chip is basically tiny electronic chip that can be “read” by an RFID reader by merely being near the chip.)
The fear is that anyone who knows what they are doing can improvise their own “reader” and read your RFID chip from your bag or pocket without you knowing. The idea behind this bag is to block your RFID chip from any radio frequencies that might be quietly scanning your pockets for information.

$20 from Paraben Forensics [product page]

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