Why I will never buy another wallet

April 7, 2008

I will never buy another wallet. I have found a way to have a new wallet every month or so for pennies. The second story is that I keep my wallet in my front pocket and never lose it or leave it anywhere. It looks like this:

My duct tape wallet

This wallet is a duct tape strap that holds my money and cards together in one bundle. It is very minimalist and the wallet itself takes up almost no space in my pocket. I take the subway everyday to work and I have easy access to my Metrocard. It costs pennies to make and only takes a few minutes. I have found this to be my wallet of choice and cannot find anything better. Believe me I’ve looked. I look so much that my wife is afraid to buy a wallet for me knowing that it must perform better than my duct tape wallet.
Because it is so minimal I must keep it clutter free and always take care of any receipts that end up in it.

All I did was tape two pieces of duct tape to each other leaving a little sticky exposed at each end. Then I wrap it around my essential cards and adhere the sticky ends. Done.

One Response to “Why I will never buy another wallet”

  1. Nice design!

    I’d try it myself but would be worried about one of my cards slipping out.

    How long can you go before having to refresh with a new strip of duct tape?

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