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Used handbags? – handbags4sale is selling

August 30, 2006

handbags4sale can you spot the cat?

Buy some used handbags. Handbags4sale is selling part of her vast collection. Most bags are for $15 but some are $20. But I’m going to speculate that if you buy more than one, handbags4sale will give you a bargain deal. PayPal only and all sales are final.

My favorite thing about the pictures on her post is the cat hidden in one of the pictures.


Yoda Backpack – Not just for the young padawan

August 28, 2006

Yoda BackpackI was thinking I might pick one of these up to for my commute, you know to hold my papers and digi-equipment. I’d guess it is big enough for a 12″ Powerbook, some light reading and a sandwich.Yoda Backpack If I got it of course I’d have to hide it from my toddler, and I don’t know that my wife would like it if she saw me not using that boring briefcase she gave me. Seriously, if I had the Yoda Backpack I would be envied by the two programmers I sit next to. Yoda Backpack with booksOne of them has all sorts of sci-fi action figures (including both the Millennium Falcon and Starship Enterprise) and only in yodaisms he speaks. The other wears a black cloak in the middle of August, always speaks into his cupped hand between long mechanical breaths. I’d get mugged at work with the threat of getting my harddrive wiped clean in the middle of the night …just for this backpack… I’ll just stick with my briefcase, it’s safer.

For $39.99 at