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CODEX cases for Apple computers – reviewed

July 30, 2007

Codex case

Gizmodo has an in depth and hands on review for the CODEX cases.

…it’s actually quite good if you need something to carry your machine—and only your machine—from place to place.

My opinion is that these types of cases are for the design snob. Who doesn’t really feel the hit when he buys his new MacBookPro, because he hasn’t ever needed to check the price, and probably told his driver to wait while he quickly picked up his new computer at the Apple store, or better yet, had his driver go get the computer for him so he could have the MacBookPro in his private jet on his way to his private island.

Haul – Foreman: Messenger made from recycled innertubes

February 8, 2007

haul innertube

This very well built messenger bag is made from recycled innertubes that came off trucks traveling through Austraila. The outside of the bag is what once was the inside of the inner tube. So if you feel like helping the environment by using recycled stuff, this bag is a good choice. It goes for $150 AUD at Biome. Check the product page

Adaptable Payload Sandbag – by Oakley

February 6, 2007

AP Sangbag by Oakley

$110 from Oakley. Not bad. I’d like to give it a try. I like the Military Olive better than the other colors. It holds a laptop. Lots of straps everywhere. It looks cool. I’ve never used a “sling” before but this looks the most appealing of all those I’ve seen.

via [uncrate]

product page

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

December 11, 2006

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

Over on Cool Tools:

Like many people, I’ve received a Kanchenchunga-sized pile of nylon conference give-away bags over the years. All very ho-hum. But after a recent conference I came home with a BBP bag. I was using an old Tumi bag, which I liked, but it was falling apart. This BBP bag turned up in the nick of time…

…They’re thoughtfully designed, rugged, waterproof (ballistic nylon with rubberized interior), can be carried in a variety of ways (single shoulder, double shoulder like a backpack, slipped over the roll-aboard handle). Your laptop fits into a top-loading, well-padded, velour-lined outer pouch with a waterproof zipper, so the thing is super-accessible at airports and very well protected.

This BBP goes for $85 on

As of this post, Black is sold out but it comes in Titanium grey. It is a little confusing which color comes in which size. It appears the Black is only Small or Large, while the Titanium grey is only Medium.


November 14, 2006


The pictures that you are seeing here are of a laptop bag made from synthetic human skin. A little creepy, a little cool. I’m not sure I would want to own one of these, unless I could touch and feel it to make sure it isn’t so human. Buying a cowhide bag/product isn’t so bad because well, it’s not so cowlike. This bag goes for 500 euro on but you have to be able to read French.

via [laptop bag explorer]

Laptop bag from cardboard

October 18, 2006

farm laptop bag

This laptop bag almost looks like a comfy folding chair for your Powerbook/Macbook. Made from old carpet and cardboard. I’m not sure it is in production I can’t find a price on their website [flash]. Designed by Giles Miller.

via [neatorama]

Tumi Solar-Powered backpack: for a good cause

October 18, 2006


I’m going to pick one of these $695 solar powered backpacks up pretty soon, being limited edtion and all (only 500 being made), that is when I’m done saving for my children’s education. It has a little flap that opens up to reveal the solar panels. So if you are a geek who has escaped the confines of dorky style, you could hide those solar panels and nobody would even know you are a geek until you need to charge your PDA, then all your geekiness hangs out in the open, with no place to hide. It comes with a laptop sleeve but the specs say it will charge your PDA or cellphone, no mention of charging a laptop. This is a pretty nice backpack for your laptop and gear, and 100% of the proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders, so if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.

via [gizmodo]

product page [tumi]

Laptop sleeve made from corduroy pants

October 3, 2006

sam's pant leg

Sam, with talents in blogging, sewing and design had an ephiphany with his pant leg and his laptop:

…somehow I discovered that my 12″ PowerBook, when inserted lengthwise, fits snugly in the cuff of a regular pair of corduroys. And with this newfound slice of knowledge, the obvious thing to do is to make a stylish, one-of-a-kind, laptop sleeve out of a pair of pants! Yes!

The end result is a laptop sleeve made from corduroy, and a cut-up hoodie.

Sam’s project via boingboing

Camo Laptop Sleeve by Flicka

September 23, 2006

Flicka Laptop Sleeve

  • padded
  • waterproof lining
  • nifty handle
  • reinforced exterior
  • top zipper
  • camo could replace your mud flaps – look closely

[product page] $40

via [Fixed Gear Finds]

Shoulder bag named "Blogger" by Timbuk2

September 21, 2006

Timbuk2 Blogger Timbuk2 Blogger
I’ve always liked the bags by Timbuk2. They make some pretty cool handy stuff that looks good too. Like this one which fits a 15″ laptop and of course is made the same quality material as their other bags. The reason I really like this bag is that it is very simple. It’s got the three main compartments for your laptop, regular stuff and small stuff. Isn’t that all you really carry around anyway? I’m curious though if they made the bag for bloggers in mind and decided to call it “Blogger” or if they made a bag and decided that if they named it “Blogger” all the bloggers would talk about it. Either way you choose it’s working. It’s $80 [product page].
via [crunchgear] and [uncrate]