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Naptop: a place for your laptop to sleep.

September 11, 2006


Set up the tent in the backyard, it’s a slumber party! A nice, warm, comfy place where your laptop can finally get some much needed sleep. The original sleeping bag for your laptop at naptop. Ranging from $30-40.


Top Ten Coolest Laptop Cases

September 7, 2006

RadTech MacTruck

Product Dose has a great post declaring the top ten coolest laptop cases. Pretty impressive.


Carry only one bag wherever you go – the One Bag Rule

September 7, 2006

Everywhere I go, I see people carrying two, three, sometimes four bags with them. While sometimes it is unavoidable (groceries, shopping etc), many times it is not. We’ve all had to carry more than one bag great lengths, and it’s really annoying. You arrive at the airport and you have your bag to check, your carry-on or purse, your laptop bag, and maybe you bought or will buy a book or a snack for the flight. You are now responsible for four different bags. I will counsel you against this and teach you how to walk through life freely carrying everything you need in one bag. There is no freedom like leaving for a vacation walking through the airport with one hand empty and one hand easily pulling everything you’ll need for the entire trip. This is a minimalist type of living so if you are not into simplifying your life feel free to look through the nice bags on this site, leave a donation, but there is no need to read the rest of this article.

5 things you can do to follow the One Bag Rule.

1- Spend the money and get a good quality, well-designed everyday bag.
This doesn’t apply to your everyday bag only. Get a good camera bag, laptop bag, work bag, tool bag. With the right bag you will be able to carry everything you need without having to carry another bag.

You get what you pay for. Save up, do some research and get a real bag. This means if you carry a laptop don’t be afraid to spend around $200 on a good bag. Don’t get it at an office store. Get it from a high-end luggage store or other specialty store that carries quality bags. You want the bag to protect your laptop, store your laptop and finally look good. Don’t buy the first bag you look at. Take your three bags into the store and spend an hour putting all your stuff into the one prospective bag and test it out. Ladies if you must have a fashionable bag please don’t get a fashion bag that holds a laptop. Get a laptop bag that is fashionable. Function first on this one. If you travel a lot you’ll want to be able to pull it out and put it back easily for the security check.

2- Nest your bags.
Ladies this is for you. Get a nice small purse that you love. Keep only the essentials inside it and keep it in your tote or bag. If you have a lot of stuff get some cubes or smaller bags to keep your stuff organized inside your one bag. This is especially great when your one bag is luggage for your trip. I have a laptop sleeve that I keep my laptop in and just switch it between my messenger bag and backpack (the disadvantage to my laptop sleeve strategy is that I have to take the sleeve out then the laptop out when going through airport security).

3- Always carry a bag that will have extra room.
This is especially important when you go on vacation. After your relaxing vacation, you head to the airport with your suitcase, tote, camera bag, the token extra-large souvenier, gifts for the grandkids whatever. And by the time you are home, your refreshed feeling is already worn out from trying to carry all these things. If you have a large souvenier, ship it. It will be waiting for you when you get home and less likely to be broken.

In college I knew this girl who carried a big backpacking backpack everywhere, because it held all the stuff she needed for classes, sports, social, everything. She needed a big bag for all of that, but she only had to carry one bag. Her hands were free to jive, throw snowballs, etc.- very liberating.

4- Keep your bag clean.
Don’t pass this tip over. This is just as important as getting a good bag. You will find this suprisingly motivating in your daily one-bag strategy. Lose some of the junk that you carry everyday but never use. If you look in your wallet and there are reciepts from 6 months ago you are probably guilty of not cleaning out your bag as well. All the junk you keep is dead weight and takes up space. That extra power adapter, expired Starbucks giftcard, multiple pens, parafinalia from the last three seminars, crushed manilla folder, all must go. One pen is enough. Keep one good pen in your bag, throw all the cheap pens out. I always keep better track of one pen better than several pens. Clean out your bag regularly, this will leave room for other things. Cleaning up your bag will help clear your head and it just feels good. It will help you to keep your life simple and mono-bagged.

5- Your one bag for the day must have at least one separate easy access compartment.
Duh!? Thanks, um but I knew that. But you’d be suprised how many bags out there either don’t have an easy access compartment or the easy access compartment is not really easy access. You don’t find this out until after you’ve bought it. This applies to luggage, a daypack and even a tote, but you can be more leanient on this rule for a tote. Just keep in mind the small items you will not want to go searching for in the main hold.

You’ll want the compartment to be on the outside, a single zipper or snap that will easily keep your keys, wallet, phone, glasses case, whatever. Compartments with straight zippers are easier than curved zippers. I got a piece of luggage for Christmas and it came with this free “toiletries” case. The zipper was so curvy for this fairly small case I hated it. It was like 20 feet long and took an hour just to unzip it. You’ll want the easy access compartment big enough for your fist to fit into to grab something. If not it will probably not big enough and it’s a pain to fish out your keys from a pocket too small with just your fingertips.

Good luck! Let me know how your One Bag strategies work out.

Booq Python XM bianco: the Ultimate laptop backpack

September 6, 2006

Booq Python XM biancoDon’t get lost inside this bag. They should add a warning: the inside of this bag is larger that it appears. Simply put, it is monstrous on the inside while looking professional on the outside.

This backpack is being offered in a limited number of 250, no word as to whether or not each bag is numbered. If you have the chance to get your hands on it (the website says it is still in stock!) don’t let go.

This backpack is perfect for the traveling freelancer. Let’s say you speak at conferences maybe once a week and only stay away one night at a time. This back is the bag you would take because you could fit everything you would need in one bag, which helps makes airport security a breeze. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a big backpack, which is also why they caution that it is not for everyone. In addition to your 17 inch laptop there is enough room for a change of clothes. From the product page:

You’ll have room for a stack of books 5″ high, a complete set of clothes with shoes, or large document folders and shipping envelopes, water bottles, camera, plus your complete set of typical laptop accessories like cables, mouse, power adapter and more. Python even has a secure iPod pocket completely lined with non-scratch fabrics, protected by two layers of zippers.

Booq also makes the Python XM in black but is not a limited edition. Both go for $189.95 but you better get the bianco while you can.

Naneu Pro u120 Camera Bag real world experience

August 29, 2006

Naneu Pro u120 camera bag Naneu Pro u120 camera bag open

CrunchGear has recently had a chance to wear, heft, open, close, threaten and caress the Naneu Pro u120 camera bag.

It holds camera gear plus a laptop. The secret is that the padded camera part is removable and fits into the main part of the backpack. So you get two backs in one!
from CrunchGear:

I recently added a Canon EOS-30D to the gear that I tote around daily. Since that acquisition, I’ve surveyed an inestimable quantity of bags in the pursuit of the perfect pack to fit my new camera and my powerbook. I’m pleased to inform you, dear reader, that today, my search has ended. The u120 backpack from Naneu Pro is by far the finest bag in its class.

and continues:

I’ve been battle testing the u120 in the streets of New Orleans for the past week. It’s received quite a few hard jolts and the contents have always remained snug and safe within.

Not bad (no, tis in fact good) for $129.99 and it comes in Blue/Black or Black/Black.

via [crunchgear] and [gizmodo]

Built NY – Laptop Sleeves

August 29, 2006

Built NY Laptop SleeveBuilt NY Laptop Sleeve colors

Built NY has some very cool laptop sleeves. They are basically a 5mm wetsuit material cover that will actually stretch to fit. It comes in 3 sizes: 12″ 15″ and 17″, and three different colors. Black, Blue, and some really nifty Stripes!

The thing I love about sleeves is that they are minimalist. There is nothing extra and they’ll go into any bag big enough for your computer and you feel pretty good about not getting your expensive Powerbook dinged up.

As far as design goes, Built NY gets 5 stars from me. Merchandise, bags, website. I love it all.

Product Page
via CrunchGear

Laptop and Camera in one bag – Naneu Pro Military Ops Sierra

August 16, 2006

Naneu Pro Military Ops SierraGizmodo posted an interesting new bag today. Perfect for holding your really expensive DSLR camera with enough room for a 6.5 inch lens and your 12 inch laptop and a couple more lenses and accessories. So once you fill up your memory card with lots of pictures, download and preview them with the laptop you stowed in the same bag. Pretty Genius.

Check out the product page.