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AnnushKa – Courier Bag

September 5, 2007


This handmade courier bag is washable and looks great with anything (for those of you who like to match your bags). My definition of practical doesn’t include matching. In some cases making a bag match would be less practical because you might have to change your outfit for the day or change your bag. In my male frame of mind this is not practical. But for you bag-matching types a bag that matches anything is quite practical.

This is a great basic 1 pocket bag that would work great as a woman’s purse or a manbag.

$30 [product page]

Thanks Anna!

Bliss by Heather – Large 5 pocket messenger

September 5, 2007

bliss by heather

This is a great find.

I’m all about the practical bag that is also very cool to look at. I can see my wife wearing this as a purse/diaper bag combo. I love the idea of these small 1,2,3 person shops that sell thier handcrafted stuff on etsy. From the product page:

This bag can be made in a variety of fabrics. If you see a fabric that you like in my store, please send me a message and if I have some on hand I’d be more than happy to make the bag for you at no additional cost.

product page $59

thanks Heather!

Haul – Foreman: Messenger made from recycled innertubes

February 8, 2007

haul innertube

This very well built messenger bag is made from recycled innertubes that came off trucks traveling through Austraila. The outside of the bag is what once was the inside of the inner tube. So if you feel like helping the environment by using recycled stuff, this bag is a good choice. It goes for $150 AUD at Biome. Check the product page

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

December 11, 2006

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

Over on Cool Tools:

Like many people, I’ve received a Kanchenchunga-sized pile of nylon conference give-away bags over the years. All very ho-hum. But after a recent conference I came home with a BBP bag. I was using an old Tumi bag, which I liked, but it was falling apart. This BBP bag turned up in the nick of time…

…They’re thoughtfully designed, rugged, waterproof (ballistic nylon with rubberized interior), can be carried in a variety of ways (single shoulder, double shoulder like a backpack, slipped over the roll-aboard handle). Your laptop fits into a top-loading, well-padded, velour-lined outer pouch with a waterproof zipper, so the thing is super-accessible at airports and very well protected.

This BBP goes for $85 on

As of this post, Black is sold out but it comes in Titanium grey. It is a little confusing which color comes in which size. It appears the Black is only Small or Large, while the Titanium grey is only Medium.

Billboard Messenger Diaper Bag

November 2, 2006

billboard diaper messenger bag

This bag does not look like a diaper bag. This bag looks awesome! And it is awesome:

This messenger diaper bag not only has a front flap composed of recycled billboard material – hand selected by various artists and designers – it also has an uncanny knowledge of how to make life easier for dads. The easy-access wipes window and pockets for diapers, snacks, lotions and toys are separated for cleanliness from the changing pad – concealed in the back pocket. Handy side pockets keep bottles at the ready, while the front flap quickly detaches to hang the bag over stroller handles. It can be worn on both the right and left, and it�s designed so Dad can feed and change baby without setting the bag down. Bag imported. Billboard made in Denver, CO.

It is made of vinyl, $129 at Uncommon Goods.

Build your custom Timbuk2 Messenger bag

October 26, 2006

timbuk2 custom

Build your own custom bag on

You start building your custom bag by choosing the size and then the type of material. I choose the Ballistic Nylon. Then on to choosing colors, and finally I added the center divider for an additional $10. You can even choose the color of the Timbuk2 logo. But the logo doesn’t come in all the same colors as the panels and since I personally prefer a subtle logo that is the same color as the bag (a bit more classy in my opinion), I had to change the color of my panels to match an available logo color. Messenger Bags aren’t the only thing you can customize, check out
Pretty cool idea.

Custom Zugster messenger bag: 3 month wait

October 18, 2006

brian's bag

Starting at $95 you can have your very own custom messenger bag from Zugster. Each is handmade individually after the order is placed. Thus the 3 month wait, but from the pics on the website it looks like it is worth the wait.

via [fixedgearfinds]

Ex-Boyfriend Messenger Bag: handpainted mixtape

October 5, 2006

ex-boyfriend messenger bag

This is my favorite Ex-Boyfriend messenger bag. It brings me back to my younger days of recording songs off the radio. This tape is handpainted and the bag is 13-1/2″X12″X5″ so you couldn’t fit your 17″ laptop but you could fit most anything else. This bag is $35 but they have bags with a handpainted Vespa $50, Panda $55 and others. I think my second favorite is the Breakdancer for $55.
[product page]

Thanks Oliver!

North Face Base Camp Messenger

October 3, 2006

North Face Base Camp Messenger

This North Face Base Camp Messenger is a pretty nice bag. I like that it is made from PVC tarpaulin, comes in Large (1525 cubic inches) and Small (800 cubic inches) which is roughly half the size. I’m also a fan of the compression straps. These are very important when it comes to fitting this in the trunk of your car with the rest of your gear. It comes is several colors: red, yellow, blue, black. You can get your hands on the small for $69 and the large for $89.

[product page] via [uncrate]

Bag of Holding: for Geeks

September 23, 2006

Bag of Holding

A bag of holding makes reference to the game Dungeons & Dragons. Give this bag as a gift to your nerdy loved one. [product page] $27.99

via [CrunchGear]