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Veer Messenger Bag: your anything bag

August 28, 2006

Veer messenger bagI like what Veer says about this bag on their website:

Versatile, fashionable, appropriate to take to any occasion.

Everyone should have a bag that you could carry to a client meeting, interview that doesn’t look overloaded and still take it out with friends at night. This bag could very well be the bag you use the most. Big enough to hold a laptop and a couple of library books you may never have to take it off. Plus, I just like Veer.


R.E.Load Aika is a tiny messenger bag

August 22, 2006

Reload Aika tiny messenger bag R.E.Load has a very cool miniature messenger bag measuring 7″ wide x 6″ tall. What are tiny messenger bags for, you ask? Tiny messenger bags are for things that are tiny. Like text books (on your PDA) , blackberries, wallets, or a large cell phone. OR, for a tiny person like my toddler. Then this bag is for normal sized objects like a doll, sippy-cups, fruit snacks for dad, that sort of thing.

R.E.Load was started by Roland and Ellie, two messengers. The coolest thing about this company is how their manufacturing and shipping works:

We take your order, cut out your materials, and sew everything together with our own two hands. Then we check and double-check every stitch, pack up your bag and ride it to our shippers.

R.E.Load product page via Uncrate

High Voltage Messenger Bag

August 14, 2006

Fractal Spin High Voltage Messenger Bag

This bag is aimed at the Geek in you, and or at least it seems that way from Fractal Spin’s product description.

Though it’s probably not big enough for a non-12″-Powerbook-laptop (nor expressly waterproof nor padded), it is the perfect size to lug around the essentials–a PDA, an iPod, memory cards, your cellphone / smartphone, digital camera, wallet, and some nosh. There is a nice big pocket on the inside under the flap to hold more stuff, like a bunch of O’Reilly guides or a stack of gadget zines…

If the high voltage strap isn’t a dead give away, then the mention of the O’Reilly guides really makes the geek in me scream “I WANT THIS”.

Wool messenger bag

August 5, 2006

kultbagThis bag is a great find. Perfect for keeping your stowed items warm in the upcoming cold months. Made from recycled Swiss Army stuff.

From Kultbag

original swiss army blanket ouside, and inside original swiss army tent-tarp oliv or camouflage, many inner pockets, shoulder belt and lap belt on the back for the bikers