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Henk – not a suitcase

September 1, 2007


Practicality by definition is something easy and logical. Henk is that in everyway except in price. This non-suitcase goes for $28,000 USD. Yep that’s not a typo, twenty-eight thousand dollars. Obviously for the ultra rich. So if you love practical bags this one is really that except for the price, and for that much it better butter my bread and change my baby’s diapers. Well maybe it won’t change diapers but it was designed for sitting on it if need be.

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Your very own crystal poodle

August 9, 2007

poodle bag

My guess in the economy of things, is that the supply out numbers the demand on this. This bag falls deeply into the NOT practical category. Plus I have many other crystallized animals I’d rather spend $4695.00 on.

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November 14, 2006


The pictures that you are seeing here are of a laptop bag made from synthetic human skin. A little creepy, a little cool. I’m not sure I would want to own one of these, unless I could touch and feel it to make sure it isn’t so human. Buying a cowhide bag/product isn’t so bad because well, it’s not so cowlike. This bag goes for 500 euro on but you have to be able to read French.

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Designer Mini Handbags – you know, for dolls

August 30, 2006

Minivilla makes very small handbags for her dolls. Her first bag took about 5 hours to design and cannot be sewn with a machine because of the small size. They even have linings. The funny thing is that in real life minivilla loves huge handbags. link

Cartier Alligator Bag: Not practical

August 15, 2006

Cartier Alligator Bag

This bag is the most expensive bag I could find on Their price for this bag is $5,999.85, while it supposedly normally lists for $14,175. Let’s note the reasons this bag is not practical, all of which are listed on Amazon under Recommended Care (um, beside the price).

The following guidelines are recommended:

* Avoid the prolonged exposure of your handbag to light, heat, and humidity.

* Avoid overloading the bag, as it may stretch out of shape. After use, stuff the bag with tissue paper and store it.

* Do not use leather care products of any sort (including polish). If your bag is lightly scratched, pat it with a soft cotton cloth. In case of contact with water, dab the surface carefully with a natural-colored cloth.

Practical means durable, sturdy, easy to take care of, inexpensive. This bag fails at all of those. If you can afford this bag you can probably afford someone to hold it for you while you are driving around in your Rolls. The guidelines sound oddly similar to caring for a baby.