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You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry

August 14, 2007

whatsinmybag - flickr

There are several places where you can see what people carry with them in their bags. The best, I think, is from Flickr. People take pictures of what they have in their bags and you can look through them. It’s like airport screening except these people are doing this voluntarily.

On Flickr search for whatsinmybag

Lifehacker made a similar attempt

photo by splitbrain

Don't be a victim of… …luggage clutter!

August 9, 2007

luggage cluter

Unclutterer offers some great advice on how to keep your huge suitcase that you bought for your trip to Disney World from taking up so much space.

I kept out-of-season clothing, extra sheets and towels, and some other random items stored inside the three pieces.


I believe that nesting pieces are a must-have quality with luggage. Otherwise, they waste valuable storage space in your home. Good nesting pieces also have enough space to allow you to put additional backpacks and bags inside of them, in addition to your traditional luggage.

But some of the best advice isn’t really about clutter. Erin gives is a list of bags you can buy with the best warranties. For example Eagle Creek has a line of bags (the Explorer line) that “No Matter What” damage occurs to your bag they will fix it or replace the bag.


photo by brappy