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AnnushKa – Courier Bag

September 5, 2007


This handmade courier bag is washable and looks great with anything (for those of you who like to match your bags). My definition of practical doesn’t include matching. In some cases making a bag match would be less practical because you might have to change your outfit for the day or change your bag. In my male frame of mind this is not practical. But for you bag-matching types a bag that matches anything is quite practical.

This is a great basic 1 pocket bag that would work great as a woman’s purse or a manbag.

$30 [product page]

Thanks Anna!

Zugster's new bag – The Walkabout

August 3, 2007


I love the custom handmade designs of Zugster bags. The waiting list to get one is long. If I was willing to wait until January, I might pick one up. He says:

This is my idea of a bag for walking around a city, rather than biking. It came out of wanting to have a bag to use on vacation which I could wear lower down than one of my messenger bags, and which would be easier to get my camera in and out of.

This bag starts at $125 and goes up with each custom option you add.

[product page]
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Built NY – Duffel

July 30, 2007

BuiltNY -Duffel
The largest bag by Built NY is their duffel. Put it all in this bag, a great recommendation when trying to follow the one bag rule.
$99.99 [product page]

I’ve also raved about Built NY laptop sleeves.

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

December 11, 2006

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack

Over on Cool Tools:

Like many people, I’ve received a Kanchenchunga-sized pile of nylon conference give-away bags over the years. All very ho-hum. But after a recent conference I came home with a BBP bag. I was using an old Tumi bag, which I liked, but it was falling apart. This BBP bag turned up in the nick of time…

…They’re thoughtfully designed, rugged, waterproof (ballistic nylon with rubberized interior), can be carried in a variety of ways (single shoulder, double shoulder like a backpack, slipped over the roll-aboard handle). Your laptop fits into a top-loading, well-padded, velour-lined outer pouch with a waterproof zipper, so the thing is super-accessible at airports and very well protected.

This BBP goes for $85 on

As of this post, Black is sold out but it comes in Titanium grey. It is a little confusing which color comes in which size. It appears the Black is only Small or Large, while the Titanium grey is only Medium.

Silent Revolution

November 14, 2006

silent revolution - unity

Silent Revolution makes a pretty sleek bag. This bag is made of “soft buttery vinyl” and is an excellent build with lined interior with padded pockets for your tech gadgets and an exterior pocket for a cell phone. The flap is held closed by a magnet. It also comes in black and sells on their website for $148.

Shoulder bag named "Blogger" by Timbuk2

September 21, 2006

Timbuk2 Blogger Timbuk2 Blogger
I’ve always liked the bags by Timbuk2. They make some pretty cool handy stuff that looks good too. Like this one which fits a 15″ laptop and of course is made the same quality material as their other bags. The reason I really like this bag is that it is very simple. It’s got the three main compartments for your laptop, regular stuff and small stuff. Isn’t that all you really carry around anyway? I’m curious though if they made the bag for bloggers in mind and decided to call it “Blogger” or if they made a bag and decided that if they named it “Blogger” all the bloggers would talk about it. Either way you choose it’s working. It’s $80 [product page].
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