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RoadWired 20" Advanced Protection System Wrap

August 18, 2006

RoadWired 20One laptop wrap to go please! …Excuse me can I get a side of camcorder with that? The RoadWired 20″ Wrap is the all-in-one padding for anything that you want to keep padded. Your laptop, your camcorder, you name it. Sometimes in crowded situations, like the past 4th of July, I wanted to video tape the extravaganza family outting but not have to take the whole camcorder bag plus the baby bag plus my backpack. So the perfect solution is to “wrap” the camcorder in one wrap for the 3 hour evening out. Easy access and stowage without all the extra gear I didn’t need for the walk, the show and the trip home. Keeping it simple.

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6 reasons for packing with cubes

August 17, 2006

Packing for me is an art. I enjoy consolidating my life into one bag. My wife leaves it to me to pack our suitcase, pack the car, pack whatever needs a Tetris-like packing job. Cubes make packing so organized. Organized = Easy. So here are my reasons for packing with cubes:

1. You can pack an outfit per cube

2. When you have worn an outfit, you can repack clothing into cubes to go straight to the wash when you get home. This keeps your clean and dirty clothes separated (I say this because when we go on trips we end up putting our kids’ clothes in the suitcase with ours, and within 24hours of arrival it is in one big heap. Keeping things organized is key.

3. Organizing your sharp knives and hair gel in cubes will make it easier for the TSA to rifle search through and confiscate your hazardous items.

4. It makes it easier to find things, while living out of a suitcase.

5. It keeps your footprint smaller when staying with relatives or friends. This is helpful to not “wear out your welcome” before its time to catch your flight back home.

6. Use a larger cube to keep a child’s belongings separate within your own suitcase.

Ebags packing cubeseBags packing cubes

Mountainsmith packing cubeMountainsmith packing cube

Laptop and Camera in one bag – Naneu Pro Military Ops Sierra

August 16, 2006

Naneu Pro Military Ops SierraGizmodo posted an interesting new bag today. Perfect for holding your really expensive DSLR camera with enough room for a 6.5 inch lens and your 12 inch laptop and a couple more lenses and accessories. So once you fill up your memory card with lots of pictures, download and preview them with the laptop you stowed in the same bag. Pretty Genius.

Check out the product page.

Civilian Loader – Utility+Gear+Rugged=very cool manbag

August 3, 2006

Civilian Loader RGCivilian Loader RGOnce in a while I come across a bag so cool that… you could frame it. This is the case with the Civilian Loader. While it looks are worthy of framing it would be stupid since this thing is 100% purpose driven design. It begs to be used.
I wish I had this bag on my trip to London. I wish I had this bag during college. I wish I had this bag when I go skiing. I wish I had this bag. You can find this bag at
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