Skull and crossbones purse

December 8, 2006

Mini Hopper

This “Jolly Hopper” mini purse is very practical and fashionable. But the cool thing about this bag is that it says something. But it doesn’t say anything until someone is holding the bag. Yes of course other bags “speak” similarly but I want to make this case unique.

Let’s pretend a 30-something sophisticated woman walking out of tall expensive office building was carrying this bag. You might assume that she is not to be triffled with in the boardroom and wants people to know that. Or maybe she works in the HR department and enjoys her job of letting people go.

Very similarly, if you were to see an angry woman with perfectly manicured nails, tight hair and a permenant crusty look on her face holding this bag, you might think she carries a gun or knife in it.

If you saw someone on the university campus (WWU?) walking out of the art school carrying this bag, you may want to follow her to the tattoo shop she works.

If you were on trial for murder and someone in the jury was carrying this bag, you may not feel good about the upcoming verdict.

Made in Bellingham, WA. It has 3 interior pockets, one for your laser pointer, one for your mini .22 pistol and one for tattoo sketch book. Oh and any bag that has seatbelt webbing for straps is a friend of mine, this bag… is a friend of mine. Measures 7″x9″x4″.

$40 on
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November 14, 2006


The pictures that you are seeing here are of a laptop bag made from synthetic human skin. A little creepy, a little cool. I’m not sure I would want to own one of these, unless I could touch and feel it to make sure it isn’t so human. Buying a cowhide bag/product isn’t so bad because well, it’s not so cowlike. This bag goes for 500 euro on but you have to be able to read French.

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Silent Revolution

November 14, 2006

silent revolution - unity

Silent Revolution makes a pretty sleek bag. This bag is made of “soft buttery vinyl” and is an excellent build with lined interior with padded pockets for your tech gadgets and an exterior pocket for a cell phone. The flap is held closed by a magnet. It also comes in black and sells on their website for $148.

LowePro’s 300AW sling camera bag

November 9, 2006

lowe pro slinglowe pro slinglowe pro sling

I’m not normally a fan of slings but LowePro has got it right. Due out in 2007, this bag is very well designed. And the best feature is that you can access the camera, while you are still wearing the bag, through the side opening. If you are wearing it on your back, there is a quickpull strap which loosens and you slide the bag to your side or front and pull out the camera. This cannot be done with two strap backpacks.  It seems like everytime I have a camera and it’s packed away so safetly on my back it becomes so much of a pain to stop, take off the backpack, pull out camera, and it makes the process just a little more frustruating. With this bag it’s pull out the camera while still walking, pause and take the picture. Done. So easy, and the camera is still very protected. $124.99

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New York City in a Bag

November 3, 2006

New York City in a bag

I couldn’t resist. At least it comes in a bag, but this is a pretty cool toy for kids.

As irresistible to adults as it is to children, MUJI’s New York in a Bag comes with nine wooden city structures and six wooden cars. Included are New York City icons such as the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum, and MoMA’s original 1939 building . The wood is from sustainable forests. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

From the MoMA online store $14.

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Billboard Messenger Diaper Bag

November 2, 2006

billboard diaper messenger bag

This bag does not look like a diaper bag. This bag looks awesome! And it is awesome:

This messenger diaper bag not only has a front flap composed of recycled billboard material – hand selected by various artists and designers – it also has an uncanny knowledge of how to make life easier for dads. The easy-access wipes window and pockets for diapers, snacks, lotions and toys are separated for cleanliness from the changing pad – concealed in the back pocket. Handy side pockets keep bottles at the ready, while the front flap quickly detaches to hang the bag over stroller handles. It can be worn on both the right and left, and it�s designed so Dad can feed and change baby without setting the bag down. Bag imported. Billboard made in Denver, CO.

It is made of vinyl, $129 at Uncommon Goods.

Build your custom Timbuk2 Messenger bag

October 26, 2006

timbuk2 custom

Build your own custom bag on

You start building your custom bag by choosing the size and then the type of material. I choose the Ballistic Nylon. Then on to choosing colors, and finally I added the center divider for an additional $10. You can even choose the color of the Timbuk2 logo. But the logo doesn’t come in all the same colors as the panels and since I personally prefer a subtle logo that is the same color as the bag (a bit more classy in my opinion), I had to change the color of my panels to match an available logo color. Messenger Bags aren’t the only thing you can customize, check out
Pretty cool idea.

Pac Man Bag

October 25, 2006

christy quilts - pacman bag

I want this to come in a backpack. I love this. So classic. My parents never did get us an Atari as kids. We went down to the neighbors to play theirs and so I never got that good at Pac Man. I never was a fan of Ms. Pac Man. I was die hard for the original. $32.00 at (but it may be sold out).

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Custom Zugster messenger bag: 3 month wait

October 18, 2006

brian's bag

Starting at $95 you can have your very own custom messenger bag from Zugster. Each is handmade individually after the order is placed. Thus the 3 month wait, but from the pics on the website it looks like it is worth the wait.

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Laptop bag from cardboard

October 18, 2006

farm laptop bag

This laptop bag almost looks like a comfy folding chair for your Powerbook/Macbook. Made from old carpet and cardboard. I’m not sure it is in production I can’t find a price on their website [flash]. Designed by Giles Miller.

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