Why I will never buy another wallet

April 7, 2008

I will never buy another wallet. I have found a way to have a new wallet every month or so for pennies. The second story is that I keep my wallet in my front pocket and never lose it or leave it anywhere. It looks like this:

My duct tape wallet

This wallet is a duct tape strap that holds my money and cards together in one bundle. It is very minimalist and the wallet itself takes up almost no space in my pocket. I take the subway everyday to work and I have easy access to my Metrocard. It costs pennies to make and only takes a few minutes. I have found this to be my wallet of choice and cannot find anything better. Believe me I’ve looked. I look so much that my wife is afraid to buy a wallet for me knowing that it must perform better than my duct tape wallet.
Because it is so minimal I must keep it clutter free and always take care of any receipts that end up in it.

All I did was tape two pieces of duct tape to each other leaving a little sticky exposed at each end. Then I wrap it around my essential cards and adhere the sticky ends. Done.


what the…?

December 18, 2007

flo backpack

I’m skeptical. When this comes out I don’t see it lasting long, from either the lack of demand or the durability. The way this works is it can basically change size by snapping in some other shell, that you probably keep in your storage unit with all your Millenium Falcon and Star Wars stuff. I don’t see the snapping parts working togther very well. Unless it’s Rubbermaid or something like that. I bet it would be easy to wash, just throw it in the dishwasher. The idea is at least practical.


Susan Bijl – designer of totes

September 5, 2007

Susan Bijl

This tote is one color combination of many possible choices, from Susan Bijl
Get it in the USA for $28 from fredflare.com

via [cool hunting]

AnnushKa – Courier Bag

September 5, 2007


This handmade courier bag is washable and looks great with anything (for those of you who like to match your bags). My definition of practical doesn’t include matching. In some cases making a bag match would be less practical because you might have to change your outfit for the day or change your bag. In my male frame of mind this is not practical. But for you bag-matching types a bag that matches anything is quite practical.

This is a great basic 1 pocket bag that would work great as a woman’s purse or a manbag.

$30 [product page]

Thanks Anna!

Bliss by Heather – Large 5 pocket messenger

September 5, 2007

bliss by heather

This is a great find.

I’m all about the practical bag that is also very cool to look at. I can see my wife wearing this as a purse/diaper bag combo. I love the idea of these small 1,2,3 person shops that sell thier handcrafted stuff on etsy. From the product page:

This bag can be made in a variety of fabrics. If you see a fabric that you like in my store, please send me a message and if I have some on hand I’d be more than happy to make the bag for you at no additional cost.

product page $59

thanks Heather!

Henk – not a suitcase

September 1, 2007


Practicality by definition is something easy and logical. Henk is that in everyway except in price. This non-suitcase goes for $28,000 USD. Yep that’s not a typo, twenty-eight thousand dollars. Obviously for the ultra rich. So if you love practical bags this one is really that except for the price, and for that much it better butter my bread and change my baby’s diapers. Well maybe it won’t change diapers but it was designed for sitting on it if need be.

Product Page

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Buy a bike and get a bag

September 1, 2007

jorg and olif

Jorg & Olif make classic style bikes, or perhaps I should say bicycles since they are so classic. They have a promotion going through Cool Hunting for the first 25 pre-orders received through Cool Hunting you get a free matching bag that even clips onto the bicycle. I ride my bike to work everyday and love it. I encourage anyone to get out and ride a bike.

Scout $495-$595

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First Ascent Jester – by The North Face

August 20, 2007

north face first ascent jester

I’ve been interested in a backpack recently. Instead of using my trusty messenger bag, which weighs down one shoulder I’ve been interested in distributing the weight between both shoulders evenly. This bag seems like just the bag.


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Overboard Dry Tube Bag

August 17, 2007

overboard dry tube bag

I love these kind of bags. This dry tube can be used for anything. But really shines when it comes to keeping your stuff dry. To seal these kinds of bags, you roll the top closed and then it is fastened to keep the rolled part in place. It holds about 20L so you could easily pack for the weekend or more depending on your requirements.

Made from heavy duty 420D nylon-coated tarpauline, has welded seams, and some convenient handles.

This video is of a smaller version of the same bag.

via [uncrate]

product page £19.99

You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry

August 14, 2007

whatsinmybag - flickr

There are several places where you can see what people carry with them in their bags. The best, I think, is from Flickr. People take pictures of what they have in their bags and you can look through them. It’s like airport screening except these people are doing this voluntarily.

On Flickr search for whatsinmybag

Lifehacker made a similar attempt

photo by splitbrain